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Waylon Spirit for HillbilliesVille March 14

Postby 247hillbillies on March 1st, 2011, 1:11 am ... l#00000004
Tommy Townsend will perform songs from his album that was produced by Waylon and never officially released!

"When I was 13 I met Waylon Jennings. I was always a big fan. The reason I think I liked Waylon so much as a kid was that he had that more edgy sound to his music opposed to the sound that was out at that time.

I gave him a tape that I had made. A couple years later I met Jerry "Jigger" Bridges. I gave him a tape also.

A few years later Waylon and Jerry got together and produced some sides on me. Then again produced sides on me in 1996 and 1997 when I had matured vocally more. This has all lead to the album/ cd that has never been officially released.

Waylon also wrote one of the Tracks called "Thelma". He also played guitar and sang back ground vocals on the project. This is something I'm very proud of."

"Hillbilliesville is thinking about releasing the Album now and we are talking about it."

"I then became involved with Waymore's Outlaws"

Waymore's Outlaws formed in 2008. It consist of former member of Waylon's band ( The Waylors) Richie Albright. Waylon's original drummer, Jerry Bridges, bass player for 23 years, Fred Newell on steel guitar who played with Waylon in the mid 90's and played on some of Waylon's albums, Eugene Moles on Lead Guitar, and Tommy Townsend on vocals.

We like to call it or say " Keeping the Spirit Alive" cause that is what we're doing is exactly that. Keeping the spirit of Waylon alive.
We have a new cd out called "Same Ol' Outlaws" which consist of new material.

Don't miss this streaming live on March 14! If you are not currently a member I am inviting you to a be my VIP guest,

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