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The 9513 is the web’s premier country music blog, and a go-to resource for thousands of readers in search of the latest country music news and reviews. Our community includes artists, songwriters, radio DJs, promoters, label executives, and, most importantly, the people who make all those jobs possible: country music’s fans. The 9513 (pronounced “ninety-five thirteen”) is also 100% independent–and that means that our content is never influenced by our advertisers or our industry connections. Because of that fact, our readers have come to rely on us for the most honest and uncensored country music perspective available anywhere–online or in print.

Mainstream, Red Dirt, Texas Country, Americana, Bluegrass–whatever your style is, we’ve got it covered. The 9513 is the place where everything with country roots comes together. We work hard to promote and recognize excellent country music (in all of its forms), to be an outlet for new, undiscovered, and independent artists, and to provide a forum for open dialog between musicians and their audience.

But above all of this, The 9513 is a place where country fans come together to discuss and celebrate the greatest music in the world.

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What Our Readers Are Saying

“Just found your site. Its like a breath of fresh air for ‘country’ music.” – David T.

“I’d like to say that you have one of the best and most comprehensive sites about country music. I have come across, be it a blog or otherwise.” – Chad M.

“I LOVE this website. I just found it tonight, and have read tons. This is just the kind of forum I’ve been looking for.

Beyond the discussion, I really like the layout of the site. It’s very easy to navigate.

There are other country music sites that have some good writing, and good info, but they’re an absolute trainwreck trying to navigate them.

Excellent site! Thanks!” – Doug

“Just a word of thanks for your fine blog on The 9513. I found it linked on largeheartedboy.com a month or so back and have been checking in regularly. What a great site for a country music fan! Thanks for the honest opinions and straight-shooting commentary. That’s hard to come by these days. You give me plenty of good tips and heads-up on new music and while I usually stay away from much of what Nashville offers, you point me in the direction of what’s out there that deserves a listen (and what doesn’t). Thanks for keeping it real and calling it like you see it. I like that you don’t sugar-coat your opinions, but you still cast a wide net on all things (both good and bad) in country. Keep up the good work.” – Sean in Houston

“After having never heard of Dale Watson until seeing his name on this blog roughly 100 times, I decided I’d get an album. I got two: Whiskey or God and From the Cradle to the Grave. I get it now…” – SW

“The reviews and articles your staff post make The 9513 by far my favorite country music blog. They are the most insightful, intelligent and thoughtful I’ve found. I don’t have an ass kissing bone in my body, so I mean it. Keep up the great job and have more contests! (for CDs please!)” – Rick K.

“I love y’all, wish there were more sites and critics like you out there!!” – Ashley Ray

“Thanks guys, keep up the great work, you’re a great source to keep up with whats happening over there in the states.” – Tim M. in Australia

“Thanks, and keep up the great work. I’ve only been into country for a few years. I am a computer/web geek, and it is nice to see the sophistication of a country website really start to come up.” – Cindy F


But most especially, I have found that our album reviews (whether it’s you guys talking about live shows, or Jim & Matt doing album stuff) are nearly SPOT ON!

I do a weekly feature on my show called Taste Test Tuesday where I sample 3 tunes from the new album.

Kenny, Carrie, Sara, Rascal Flatts, LeAnn, B&D, etc. I started on 9/11.

I always do a ton of show prep and find that when I’m reading The 9513 album reviews, I almost always feel the same way!

On top of that, I enjoy learning about artists I wouldn’t otherwise know about. For example, you introduced me to Gretchen Peters and now I am a FOREVER fan! I had never heard of her until this morning.

I also like the feedback sections because I feel like I can read what country fans/listeners have to say. Openly and honestly.

I could go on and on, but that’s just a snippet for you!

THANKS again!” – Lois L.

“I am an avid country music fan and just found your site a couple of days ago. I love it!” – Chris A.

“Hey there. Thank you so much for combining all country news into one valuable source. Great reviews, great stories and photos, just love the site.

Anyways, thank you SO much for providing the best coverage on country music.” – Jessica in Versailles, KY

“You guys are great; I read the blog everyday.” – Dave S.

“I bought his album because of this review and I have to say I’m glad I did. It’s possibly one of the best albums released last year.” – Jordan S.

“I found a copy of this CD at my local library (a great way to test drive records). I wouldn’t have looked at it twice if it wasn’t for this review and The 9513′s references to Dale. I have to say I *LOVE* it.” – Heidi

“The 9513 continues to rock in that country way!!” – Krista


The 9513 does not claim credit for any images featured on this site unless otherwise noted. If you own a copyright to an image found on The 9513 and do not wish for it to appear here, please email us and we will be happy to remove it. Any opinions expressed on this site are just that, opinions, and should not be taken as offensive. However, feel free to express your opposing views.


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